Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dreaming like a true control freak

That is what I have been doing, dreaming. Oh and some drooling and a lot of searching for and digging through the net. I guess I will start a links list like Hanz over at the _Framework blog.

As an intro to this upload: There are some features that I have always wanted for the gear that I use to create my dreams in music. I am also interested in the entire composition workflow and style of live electronic music performance where these features would be helpful.

I want to detail some of my history with and interests in different gear from the perspective of how the gear was useful or not for informing an innovative live electronic music performance. Some of the things that I mean by 'live electronic music performance' is the ability to improvisationally arrange created, found or improvised composition elements expressively as well as to orchestrate sound design nuance and musicianship with pre-recorded and on the fly created phrases and samples.

Since I began creating music with the Yamaha RM1x in the mid-nineties, and on through the early aughts using the Kurzweil K2600 and the Yamaha RS7000, I dreamt of modifying the OS on these pieces of hardware. In 2005, I left Massachusetts college of art and this marked a conscious divergence from my concentration in live performance to follow a path towards gaining the experience I would need in order to one day hack, customize, create, or otherwise manipulate my reality to get what I was looking for in music performance tools. Now I am a full-time web programmer and I am starting to put my knowledge to work for music tools. I continue to create music in the studio, have done commercial audio work, and I have worked hard on my sound design and mixing capabilities.