Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Travis Wyche, Grisaille

::::::Oh my, today in my walkman is Travis Wyche, Grisaille. I have to just say that this has a way of driving through clouds of memories for me. The sound moves me emotionally into what seems like great realms of desert and ocean animal spirits. There is a balance of some vast esoteric concept and an unimaginable physicality in Grissaille. It expresses the wastelands and the far shores in a way that doesn't make you feel wasted, but enriched as these fantastic mythic expanses themselves. Wyche is obviously an expert at using the (analog) delay in such a way that you forget the sound is repeating. The synth and noise craft expresses a shade of dryness. The sounds are silky even in the highest frequency modulations. These sounds are like the sheering of fabric. The lush, smoothness of the longer pads are like the rest of the uncut, soft undulating sheets. They reverberate with the feeling of pleasure one receives along with sunlight.. just a few words about side B! There is so much more in this recording on side A. ::::Matty http://sanitymuffin.bigcartel.com/product/travis-wyche-grisaille-c-54

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