Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Advanced Ravers and Dragons 3

What a blast! misterinterrupt performed a meltdowntown style set based on the SSTVMV tracks. Here's a recording of the perfomance:

always ready to go beyond, no other choice

Our passionate urge to freedom of communication in this internet medium is fueled partially by a collective hindsight. In light of the other major telecommunication mediums' demise during our recent century, we realize the worth of this space. Facilitation of communication via radio and television was monopolized into inaccessible, uncontrollable, one-way media.
The ideas we want to be upheld have been shouted into silence by (anti)communications monoliths. We aren't going to forget and we cannot let this continue.

Unfortunately all mediums of communication are suffering. As our bias towards use of the newest mediums climax in a convergence of convenient content for sale and concomitant laziness, we are simultaneously painting ourselves into a corner and backing up to ledge, now it's time to fly.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

sub-strata travel via minus-viewing II

} foR immediatE releasE intO ouR neW oblivioN:

misterinterrupt substrata travel via minus viewing
} sound design, composition, mixing, mastering: m. howell
} album covers: big fingers by ken kravens, night wood by m. howell, aiieee by avid odd
} distro via bandcamp

} While a lot of folks were mashing their brains to an overdose of pitched down vocals, dissonant ipad synths and garageband reverb presets, misterinterrupt has been focused on remixing his own tracks over and over and over and over. In an intentionally anti-pop vacuum, he has concocted a noisy alchemical genre that he has dubbed guerrilla ambient using a process akin to musical necromancy.

} The process starts off by building up new tracks well into their third trimester, but before birthing, they are aborted, chopped up unceremoniously, new tracks are begun using the pieces of the old. Where many electronic artists approach their sound design with some attempt at a surgeon's precision, interrupt employs a chirurgeon's butchery. To create each successive track, he records uneven loops of multiple tracks at once, ignores common rhythmic divisions, and disregards anything other than non-systematic microtonal musicality. Each level of the remixing process follows this strictly necromantic model he calls necro techno.

} Some of the final edits have finally earned his aesthetic confidence,  released as the mysteriously named sub-strata travel via minus-viewing II. The concept behind the title is to create new sonic tools for practitioners of remote viewing. misterinterrupt seems to understand the unique geomantic, telespatial, and astral characteristics of getting your head all fucked up via deep listening, so CIA drop-outs are invited to test his new methods.

} For everyone else, presented herein are five tracks of shapeshifting pads, disfigured beats, darkly beautiful environments, and an overall movement that has an unmistakable character. sstvmv II was created specifically for assisting to create hypnagogic states in its listeners and the sounds quickly work themselves into deep sonic knots that decrypt and scramble perceptual codes etched as low frequency marks in a background of frenetic gaseous tones. The music is pulled forth via deeply sculpted psychedelic interfaces to the cochlear nerve and the rhythms keep a strange amphetamine pace.

} Though sstvmv II is intended as ambient music, it may sound like an active listening experience to some. It is obviously a complex layering of ambient and active musics. It is offered as a composition to be completed by the listener or the listeners' environments. misterinterrupt can only get one so far and suggests that listeners explore his compositions in concert with whatever inner or outer noise they might hear.

} The full album is downloadable and streamable for free. The album download includes three covers from the graphics release. You can name your price at whatever you can afford here: